How To Keep Pigs As Pets

Pet pigs are awesome, but in overall, pet ownership is one of the best feelings in life. They provide us affection, responsibility feeling and companionship they would always be there for their owners. However, if you treat them as humans and ignore their needs, they could give you more headache than making you feel peaceful.

Teacup pigs are one of the most intelligent and social kind of animals and they can actually pay attention to you. They would sit beside you and entertained by watching television and even if you prefer to change the channel, they may even squeal to give you sign that they do not want to change the channel. In addition, such attitude of micro pigs is the reasons why some people do not like pigs as their pets in general. However, for most people, these are the most interesting part taking care of pet pigs.

Pet pigs can make a loud annoying squeal wherever they feel desperate, fearful, angry or simply if they feel hungry. These animals are demanding just like other animals and if you let yourself to own it, you will know several of their characteristics that would make you irritated but will still give you happiness. Therefore, wherever they feel hungry or they like to get outside of their fence and if you do not want them to disturbed you, continue nagging until they have something to eat or they already feel satisfied in what they more information about miro pigs pre-requirements  at

How To Keep Pigs As Pets

One of the good characteristics of pet micro pigs is that they get along really well with the other animals. It’s good to introduce your pet pig to your other pets when she’s a piglet. The other thing you need to know is they have to be neutered in order to behave well with other pets and also humans.

Teacup pigs could be adopted 6 weeks after its mother has weaned them. It’s very important to make sure if they are neutered/spayed before the adoption. Unneutered pet pigs should never get adopted. This is the first thing you should be aware of for adopting a pet pig.

Just like other pets, there is a need for pet pigs to have their own shelter or a play pen where they could freely do whatever they want. Teacup pigs could be raised both indoors and outdoors depending on where you would want them to stay. Most micro pigs love playing with a blanket. Thus, you should provide it to them in order to keep them comfortable and entertained. They would also appreciate if you would give them toys that they could play with. That way, you are helping them to avoid being destructive.

Small animals, like micro pigs, could also have diseases and they could also get sick. That’s why it is important to have your pet pig vaccinated. In case your pet is not doing well, then take her to a vet for they would know what the problem is and what is needed to be done regarding it.

These cute animals love to swim. Since pigs do not sweat, they need some water to cool down themselves. Pet pigs enjoy the water so you can provide them a small tub for them to have fun and at the same time, cool down. Make sure that you use warm water at a room temperature similar to that during summer because they are sensitive to cold.

Like any other pigs, micro pigs love and need their nature time! They’d love to sniff around the backyard and chow down some leaves or fruits on the plants. You should give them this enjoyable time regularly, everyday.

Pet pigs are very easy to train. The only thing pet owners need is some patience and knowledge on how to train them. You can see some tricks here.

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