How to care for your Micro Pig


Micro Pigs need a good quality feed, like Sow and Weaner Mix. You can feed your Micro Pig twice a day (at the same time each day) as they are a creature of routine. A happy pig is a healthy pig!

Supplement their pellets with fruit and vegetables (but not kitchen waste). Always ensure your pig has plenty of fresh water at all times.

Be a proud owner and spoil your Micro Pig with treats for good more about piglet care at by clicking here

Living Area

Have suitable housing for your MicroPig, something similar to large doghouse would suffice or a pig barrel. Click here for suppliers of large dog kennels.

Your MicroPig bedding should be changed at least twice a week. Your pig is like a child and will enjoy playing with toys, so always have toys available.

Make sure your pig can access the outside at all times. Your pig can be kept inside to play and sleep but pig likes to sunbathe in the summer months, to eat grass and mooch around on dirt.If you intend to allow the MicroPig indoors, it is recommended to house train it from a young age. When training your MicroPig to use a litterbox – be consistent. Your Micro Pig may be stubborn at first but being consistent and showing you are in control is the key to house training.

Contorary to belive, pigs can be quiet clean! You should ensure that your pig is use to being clean and handled. It is best to start this when they are young.

How to care for your Micro Pig

Make sure your home is pig proof. Move any house plants to a safe height. If there is any potentially toxic liquids and fluids, ensure they are out of reach of your pig. Pigs are a curious animal and can open cupboards and root about. For the outdoor space, check your fencing! If your pigs outdoor space contains any possible toxic plant. please remove them or put out out of bounds to your pig.

Make sure they have plenty of clean water at all times. Ensure you have arrangements to care for your pig when you go away.


Like any animal it is always import to have regular check-ups for your pig with your Vet.
Worm your pig at least every 6 months. This should be done by your Vet or someone that is experienced with livestock and can administer the dosing. check with your vet which products he recommends that will also cover the pig for mange and lice.

A good idea is to make a Piggy First-Aid Box and always have it at hand, it should include Veterinary Wound Powder, Surgical Spirit, Septic Cleanse wound Dressing (all available from your vet or agricultural merchant).

It is always recommended to do your research! Find out as much information as possible about MicroPigs. You can contact us if you have any questions.

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