Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Micro Pig?

A Micro Pig is a fraction of the size of a normal pig, about the size of a Labrador, up to your knee height when fully grown. It takes about 3 years for the pig to reach its full height. DEFRA’S INTERPRETATION OF A MICRO PIG IS A PIG THAT HAS BEEN BRED OVER GENERATIONS TO BE SMALLER IN ADULTHOOD THAN MOST OTHER SPECIES OF PIGS

Is a Micro Pig the same as a Tea Cup Pig?

Tea Cup Pigs DO NOT EXIST. Some breeders/suppliers may try to pass off a micro piglets as Tea Cup Pigs, usually only a week or two old, but these pigs will grow! No animal stays the same size as it was at birth.So be cautious.

How big does a Micro Pig grow?

They grow to about knee height. If you breeder is claiming to have pigs much smaller than this well fully grown, ask to see both parents of the piglet to compare sizes to what you are being told.

Do you under feed the pigs to keep them at a smaller size?

We do not underfeed our Micro Pigs to keep their size down, we feed them twice a day with good quality feed and mixed with fruit and vegetables. Our Micro Pigs are health, happy and good matured.

How old are the Micro Pigs when they can be taken from their mother?

Taking Micro Piglets from their mother can vary from 6 to 12 weeks old. We ensure the Micro Piglet is ready to leave and is healthy on solids.

Can anyone own a Micro Pig?

You first need to apply for, and be approved for, a herd number from the Department of Agriculture. For more information on this please checkout our Requirements section. You will need adequate outdoor space and housing for the pig. you can download the application form from the requirements section.

Can I keep a Micro Pig as a house pet?

Yes, but you will need a lot of your time and patience. Micro Pigs are highly sociable and can cause destruction if left alone for any length of time. Give your Micro Pig lots of attention and access to both indoor and outdoors, you will be rewarded with a happy little pig.

Will a Micro Pig get along with my other pets?

Pigs should bond well with other pets such as cats and dogs. It may take some time for them to bond, it is important to be patient.