Care of Piglets

Pig’s are similar to dogs to raise, but actually a tad bit easier and less expensive!

Food: I keep a bucket on my counter for all our table scraps which they at the end of the day for dinner. For breakfast, they get a little grain which you can buy at feed stores, which will run you about $15 a $50 lb sack. For one big supplemented with table scraps, this should last you a few months!

Shelter: They love a little spot in the yard made up for them: a small plastic pool you can buy at wallmart for the hot days, or a little sand/mud pit for them to play in. They can be house trained, and if raised correctly, love to be spoiled just like a dog with a blanket or bed near in the living room just like the rest of the family! (I don’t bring mine in the house though, as my 3 kids make enough of a pigstye! Instead, they have a doghouse with pine shaving bedding, and on really cold nights, I put the dog house in the garage.)

Care of Piglets

Attention:They love toys just like dogs, and can learn simple tricks, and can be trained to go on walks with you! Unlike dogs however, they don’t NEED to be exercised and are pretty happy hanging out  in your home and backyard! (Dogs really need to go on adventures, hikes, etc.) Pigs can go on adventures with you…but don’t necessarily need that to be happy.

Medical attention:  Unlike dogs, pigs to not need yearly vaccinations (except for large scale  commercial pig operations.)  The only time you may want to take them to see a vet is to have males neutered (usually run about $100) or if they get injured. is a good link to read more about piglet care.

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